The B-Flat Society hereby invites you to create, in any shape or form, time or situation, a manifestation of the sonic phenomenon that is B-Flat. 

The B-Flat Society is an initiative dedicated to the encouragement, promotion and distribution of the note B-Flat, including the scales B-Flat Major and B-Flat Minor. The society does not operate based on formal membership, and there is no membership fee, organizational structure or fiscal policy. The B-Flat Society exist first and foremost as an invitation, a call to create, to take notice, experience, express, ponder, converse, write, perform, publish, broadcast, archive or in any other way inhabit the phenomenon that is B-Flat. 

The B-Flat Society considers the material definition of B-Flat to be 466.164 Hertz above middle C, situated a diatonic semitone above A, and a chromatic semitone below B. Fifty-seven octaves below middle C resides what the society considers to be its ground note, referencing the deepest note ever detected from any object in the known universe, more specifically sound waves emitted from a supermassive black hole in the Perseus galaxy cluster, registered by NASAs Chandra X-ray Observatory in September 2003.  

Beyond these basic definitions, the society issues no official statutes. Those responding to this invitation are encouraged to create according to their own choosing.

Above all, the B-Flat Society represents a potential for participation, and the opportunity for people to share works, thoughts and sounds, individually or collectively, documented or undocumented, and loudly or silently. Making a response without necessarily making yourself heard, is also considered an act of participation. Thus, a work of B-Flat is not necessarily constituted by its documentation, nor by being submitted to the society.

Anyone can compose and perform a work of B-Flat.

A work of B-Flat can be monotonous or polyphonic, instantaneous or durational, scripted or spontaneous, eternal or ephemeral. 

Works of B-Flat are not defined or limited to the realms of music nor art, and association of the society┬┤s activity with any aspect of artistry is optional.

Works of B-Flat, its creators and performers, are free to associate themselves with, or choose to reject any affiliation with the society. The society itself does not constitute B-Flatness, but encourage and support works and activities that do so. 

The society is not opposed to harmony or melody, and is not an advocate for B-Flat as an isolated phenomenon. The simultaneous coexistence and occurrence of B-Flat with other notes (manifested for example in the concept of the chord) is considered to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

The society is not prone to vandalism, and the promotion of B-Flat should not result in the defacement of other notes, nor promote hierarchies between notes. 

The society acknowledges that the term B-Flat is drawn specifically from a western musical liturgy of scale. Other cultures and traditions have different terms and modes of expression for the same material phenomenon. Thus, language can be used to communicate the intentions of the society, but not adequately express the phenomenon itself in an ontological sense.

The B-Flat Society welcome all responses to this invitation. If you wish to share a documented response, do so by mail or email. All contributions, digital or analogue, will be registered and added to the B-flat Society open archive. The B-Flat Society claims no ownership over any submitted material or responses, and require permission by the participant(s) to include it in the open archive. It can also be removed from the archive upon request by the participant at any time.

All the best of luck,

The B-Flat Society