The B-Flat Society Invitation

The B-Flat Society Invitation. (Narrated by Dr. Paul Abrams)

SOUND: Sea of Light by Silentwave

Manifestation of B-Flat by the Japanese composer and sound artist Silentwave. The track Sea of light was produced March 2022. “I felt the infinite possibilities of b-flat and made this song”, says the artist. Welcome to the b-flat family!

Silentwave. Photo: Yumaya Saiki.




PODCAST: The B-Flat Society Lecture, 2021.

PODCAST: The B-Flat Society Lecture: Being and B-Flat. 2021 (Narrated by Eirik Melstrøm). First broadcast on radio FM90,5 February 21st 2021. 26:49min.

SOUND: Music For Evenings by Roberta Lazo Valenzuela

Three works in B-Flat, published as 10″ vinyl by the Society, February 2022. Artist website: Mail order: